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Any questions or comments not answered below, please feel free to contact Dance Sophisticates.

1605 Prospect Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Fax: 317-634-7854

Ordering Information:
Complete one of the order forms from either the catalog itself or please download one from the order information pages. Carefully fill out and include the method of payment section. Be sure to include any and all phone numbers where we may reach you for any questions about your order. Please include your summer contact number. Please get your entire group together early and place one order. We do not accept individual garment orders.

Choose the correct size from our size chart following the measurement instructions. Send your sizing worksheet for us to check against the specified chart size.  Use one line for each item in the same size and color listing quantity, style, item name, colors, size and unit price for each item ordered. Complete the sketch on our order form or copy the catalog page indicating the exact color placement for your group. No order will be manufactured without the completed sketch. Orders received without complete information will be subject to delay.
All alterations are the responsibility of the customer.

Place your order by mail or call our toll free order line at 1-888-248-2090 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm eastern weekdays; or you may fax your order to 1-317-634-7854  available 24 hours a day.

Can I Re-Order?
Re-Orders require that you send a sample uniform for duplication purposes and indicate "re-order" on the order form to assure a close match. Dye lots may also vary from order to order.

What about cancellations and policy changes?
All Dance Sophisticates uniforms are specially made for you. Therefore, once your order has been placed, cancellation is not allowed. Changes may only be made within 3 working days from receipt of your order and will be subject to a 10% charge equaling the total order dollar amount. Changes to your order may also result in additional delivery time. Any additions will be handled as a new order.

Do you make custom designs?
Dance Sophisticates has always been a design house. Original designs are our speciality. Call 1-888-248-2090 for information or help in designing. Additional delivery time will be required for custom orders.

 What is the minimum order?
Minimum order of 4 is required for all new orders. Orders of 3 or less will have an additional charge of $20.00 per item. Re-orders for uniforms we have previously manufactured for your organization in a quantity of less than 4 may be subject to an additional charge. 

What are my options for paying?
Payment Options- Use our order blank, fill it out completely, and send with your  form of payment. No order will be processed until one of 3 payment methods are met. All prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice and are shown in US dollars.
1. Full Payment- Cashiers check, school checks & money orders should be made payable to Dance Sophisticates. Personal, booster club, or organization checks will not be accepted unless prior approval has been given. A $35 service charge will be assessed for returned checks. Do not send cash through the mail.
2. School Purchase Order- Mail or fax an original copy of an official school Purchase Order signed by an authorized school official. List all items ordered and the total amount due including shipping and handling charges and up-charges. You will be billed net 30 after shipment of merchandise.
  *Orders under $200 must be prepaid.
All accounts past due will be subject to an additional 2% finance charge on balance outstanding per month.
3. Charge Card- Use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX for payment in full when placing your order by phone or mail. When using a charge card, be sure to list your charge number, expiration date, billing address and signature. Please be aware that charges for the merchandise may appear on your bill before actual shipment occurs.

Can I return or exchange a unitard or any custom flags?
 RETURN POLICY- ALL UNIFORMS and CUSTOM FLAGS are manufactured to your specifications and therefore, ARE NOT RETURNABLE OR EXCHANGEABLE. Check your order immediately upon receipt and notify customer service at 317-634-7728 within 3 days if any defects or discrepancies are found. We reserve the right to inspect returned, unworn merchandise to determine whether a replacement, repair or adjustment is due. All returns must be accompanied by a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER which must be obtained from our customer service department. No exceptions will be made. Any shipment received without this number will be Refused and Returned to sender. No authorized returns of any merchandise are permitted after 10 days from date of receipt.
Exchanges on shoes- Call our office at 317-634-7728 to receive your return authorization number. When you return shoes unworn and in perfect condition in the original unmarked box along with a 15% exchange fee plus appropriate shipping and handling charges, your exchange will be sent to you promptly. Shoes may be exchanged only for same style. No returns are accepted.

What are the shipping and handling charges?
 All Shipments are made by UPS ground service unless you request otherwise. The following information is for shipment within the continental United States. UPS will not deliver to a post office box number. Please give complete street address. UPS requires an adult signature for delivery.

$ Amount of order          Reg UPS           2nd UPS          Next Day UPS
$0 - $50                           $10                    $25                   $35
$51 - $100                       $12                    $35                   $40
$101 - $250                     $15                    $40                   $45
$251 - $500                     $20                    $45                   $50
$501 - $700                     $30                    $50                   $55
   Over $700                        $5 per $100       $7 per 100                  $10 per 100
Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii must use Next Day Air UPS charges.
What if my items have been damaged?
 Damaged or Discrepancies - Please open boxes and check orders upon receipt. If there is a discrepancy with your order you must report it to us within 3 days. If your merchandise has been damaged in shipping, keep the damaged carton and file a claim with UPS. You must file a claim with UPS for lost or damaged merchandise within 10 days.
When can I expect to receive my order?
- Order early. Orders received November through May allow 8 to 12 weeks. Orders received June through October are subject to additional delivery time. Delivery schedule begins upon receipt of complete order including payment by check, credit card or purchase order. Delivery schedules are approximate and may vary depending on availability of supplies, fabrics, products involved, custom designs, and sizing.
 How would I get a sample from the catalog or possibly have one made?
Samples from our catalog are availabe for your inspection by sending full payment for all items requested; or call us toll free at 888-248-2090 and arrange to pay by credit card. Fabric swatches in the shades you request will be sent by regular postal service at no charge. We will pay regular UPS to you on catalog samples. It is your responsibility to pay for return shipping. When you return the samples to us within 2 weeks, unworn and in good condition, your payment will be refunded.
Samples ordered in specific colors and sizes are considered a purchase and must be prepaid. They are not returnable or exchangable.
What about surcharges or warranties?
-  Any orders requiring special processing due to COLOR, STYLE, and or QUANTITIES could be charged a surcharge. For example, groups requesting a different style and or color for individual members could be charged as much as $50 per outfit depending on the request. Each order will be handled individually to determine what the actual charge might be.
During our peak season we may not be able to accept any one-of-a-kinds or small orders after June 1st. If you need fill-ins or Drum Major uniforms please process your request early so you won't miss our June 1st cut off date!
WARRANTY- Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics used in your uniforms we make no warranty either expressed or implied.

We reserve the right to correct any typographical errors contained in this catalog and to discontinue any styles or fabrics no longer available. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

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