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At Dance Sophisticates the promise to tell your story is behind every design we create. It's a passion that’s still going strong after 35 years as a design house of high-quality custom performance apparel. We understand what it takes to bring a production to life because DS is staffed with designers, teachers, and adjudicators. Like you, we know what it is to dream of, develop, and realize a concept. Like you, we imagine what stories can be told through music and style, on the field, floor, or stage. Like you, we continue to explore what's possible in the pageantry arts, whether it's on a small stage or in a championship arena. Our team is ready to work with you to create a look that is unique, one that makes the performers feel as great as they look. We want to create the look that brings your story to life. Only DS costumes are patterned individually at no additional cost. You will never see a DS garment labeled small, medium, or large. Every one of our made-to-order costumes is delivered to you tagged with the performers’ own names and measurements. Each one was made to fit one performer alone. We pride ourselves on providing quality apparel that doesn’t require expensive alternations. It’s more than a uniform. It always has been. We know it, we live it, we love it. And that sets us apart. And what sets us apart sets you apart.

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