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Dance Sophisticates- Indoor Percussion Uniforms

DS Percussion designs are available in a broad range of stretch fabrics that create flexible costuming designed to move with the body of the performer. The Indoor Percussion activity requires visual precision, timing, and musical virtuosity. It's the clarity and alignment of those elements, along with costumes from DS, that create The Perfect Fit

Browse The Perfect Fit- Performance Apparel Vol. 8 catalog online.


  • The DS Percussion Collection features designs from our performance apparel catalog. Most designs can be re-fabricated and recolored to fit your style and theme. Be aware that changes to the original pattern may make a design a custom project, and will need to be quoted as such.
  • Creating an original Custom Design starts begins with filling out a Design Request Form.
  • Ready to place an order? Download extra order forms and get tips on how to measure your students for The Perfect Fit.


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