Music Mask


Made in the USA // Ships in 2 Weeks


The National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) recommends that players use a bell cover and face mask to help reduce the transmission of aerosol droplets when playing. DS is proud to offer masks perfectly suited for wind players, and singers, plus a bell cover that fits most concert and marching band wind instruments. 

All masks are made with high-quality polyester stretch fabric, making the mask comfortable and easy to wash after use. The Singer's Mask may be customized to match your show choir costumes.

Standard (non-overlap) Mask: has no opening for mouth piece and would be best suited for percussion or auxiliary members. $10

Overlapping Mask: has a double-layer flap that allows a mouthpiece to pass through with ease. The performer’s mouth and nose remain covered while playing, and also at rest.  $10

Flute Mask: allows the instrument to be passed through the sides of the mask, while a front flap keeps the mouthpiece covered as the student plays. $10

Singer's Mask: Masks are made with a unique internal support structure that keeps the mask away from the lips and mouth. A flexible nose wire keeps the mask secure and in place. Masks have internal pocket for disposable filter (not included). No logo option available. $16 standard black$30 custom fabric 

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Standard solid fabric available in most school athletic colors.
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