Creating The Perfect Fit

Creating The Perfect Fit

Commitment to Excellence  

Creating lasting impressions with performance apparel is a rewarding process for everyone who works at Dance Sophisticates. For over 37 years, DS has been a trend setter and leader in the Show Choir, Marching Arts, and Concert Wear market. One of the secrets to our success has been the relentless passion for a better fitting garment. Not to be taken for granted, this is no accident! The fit our customers have come to expect is the result of innovative pattern making and exceptional construction techniques perfected at DS over the years.

Individualized Fit

With the exception of very few product lines, all garments from DS are made-to-measure. That means that each performer will receive a garment that is made to their unique measurements. There is no small, medium, or large tags with garments made this way. Every one of our costumes is delivered with the performers' own name and measurements right on the tag. Each one was made to fit one performer alone. We think this sends a powerful message to that young performer that they are special, and someone hand-made something beautiful just for them. When a garment fits better, it leads to higher levels of confidence, letting that performer focus on performing their absolute best instead of worrying that what is on their body looks unprofessional.

No Expensive Alterations

We pride ourselves in providing quality apparel that doesn't require expensive alterations. The worst feeling is getting your costumes delivered only to discover that an ill-fit. That simply kills that buzz and excitement built up over months of planning and designing. When proper measurements are provided, garments are designed to fit right out of the box! The best news is hearing from customers that let us know what a relief it was to finally get a costume that just works like it should without all the extra fussing around and wasted time. They also love that if something isn't quite right, they can let us know and we will do everything we can to make it right. 

Tips For Garments That Look and Feel Great

The Perfect Fit begins with providing accurate measurements. To ensure your group gets the perfect fit, please follow our measuring guidelines. Please feel free to call 1.888.248.2090 with any questions on filling out your Measurement Worksheet. 

  • Never measure yourself.
  • Wear the same undergarments you plan to wear for performances.
  • It is best not to measure over bulky street clothes.
  • Keep the tape snug but not too tight. Do not add any extra inches.
  • Have the same person measure the entire group.
  • Have everyone present on the same measuring day.
  • Proper foundation garments will improve your fit and styling.



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