EMotion Tops & Stretch Bibbers

EMotionTops & Stretch Bibbers

For more than 40 years, DS has outfitted champions, so you can trust we care about the details that go into making your group look as great as they sound. Emotion Tops are available in a broad range of designs and are made to move with the body of the musician athlete. Choose a selection of designs that best suits your show theme or contact us for a custom design. 

Sizing is determined by the group's measurements. 

Order Form and sizing worksheet can be found by clicking here


  • Minimum order of 25 per color and design. 
  • Low maintenance fabrics are machine washable.
  • Perfect for single or multi-seasonal use.
  • All garments manufactured in the U.S.A. 
  • Options cost less than traditional band uniforms.


How to Order Tops:

You will need to fill out a complete design request form so that a DS Representative can contact you about your design needs. The information below will help inform your decision as you fill out the form.

Step 1: Select Art Style



Seamless Print

Art will not line up across shoulder seams, and pattern placement may vary between each top. This option is a perfect choice for most seamless prints or solid colors. Pricing starts at $55.00 per top.



Engineered Print

Art will match across the shoulder and zipper seams, creating a uniform look from performer to performer. You must choose the Engineered Print option if your artwork has color gradients, logos, or won't tile seamlessly. Pricing Starts at $60.00 per top. Some intricate custom designs may incur an additional art fee. 

Step 2: Choose Fabric Weight

Lightweight Fabric 

$55.00 Seamless Print / $65.00 Engineered Print

  • Warp knit poly-spandex  
  •  Pullover entry (no zipper)

Heavy Weight Fabric

$60.00 Seamless Print / $70.00 Engineered Print

  • Heavyweight polyester ponte double-knit 
  • Back-zip entry (has zipper)

Step 3: Shoulder Pads

Choose optional shoulder pads that are sewn into the shoulder seam for a structured finish.

$5.00 /pair


How to Order Stretch EMotionBibbers:

Say goodbye to ill-fitting bibbers forever. EMotionBibbers are perfectly suited to complement the physical demands of today's choreography. The moisture-wicking and durable stretch fabric will coordinate fantastically with any top. All bibbers feature a discreet back zipper, making it easier to get in and out of uniform. Choose from a variety of solid colors, or create a custom digital print.

Choose one of the following:

  • Solid Black    $49.00
  • Solid White     $54.95
  • Other Solid Color (non-printed)     $62.00
  • Seamless Print     $73.00
  • Engineered Print     $81.00