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Showstopper Patent Leather Shoe

Showstopper Patent Leather Shoe

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The Showstopper Patent shoe is a great go-between for marching, concert, and show choir ensembles at an affordable price point. We’ve redesigned the sole to withstand significant wear and tear. It provides a superior grip on the field and has a reinforced toe box to reduce wear from high-intensity movement. The soft upper is designed with moisture-wicking material, so performers stay comfortable during a performance.


Men's Sizes: 2.5-13 (half sizes up to 12.5)

Men's Wides: 6.5-18 (half sizes up to 12.5)

Women's Sizes: 4.5-15 (half sizes up to 14.5)

Women's Wides: 8.5 – 20 (half sizes up to 14.5)


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