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Excalibur Sabre

Excalibur Sabre

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Hardened and polished stainless steel hilt, tapered blade and interchangeable parts provide durability and the perfect balance. All new Excalibur Sabres include Hilt Guard and Clear Tips. 

A. 36" Excalibur $127.95

B. 39" Excalibur $139.95

DSI Excalibur Sabre Replacement Parts

C. Metal Screw $4.95

D. Straight Metal Handle $17.50

E. Clear Tip (min qty. 12) $0.85

F. Black Plastic Handle $4.95

G. Ring $5.75

H. Metal Hilt $36.95

I. Hilt Guard $11.50

J. 36" Blade Only not shown $93.25

K. 39" Blade Only not shown $107.50

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