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Samurai Sabre

Samurai Sabre

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The Samurai from Director's Showcase was developed to spin and feel much like the DSI Excalibur Sabre. A perfect starter sabre for beginners. An excellent and durable sabre for experienced performers. Designed to look like a Spanish-style sabre.

Sizes & Pricing

  • 36" Samurai (white) $56.50
  • 36" Samurai (padded) not shown $63.50
  • 36" Samurai (stainless steel) not shown $53.00
  • 39" Samurai (white) not shown $63.50
  • 39" Samurai (padded) not shown $70.50
  • 39" Samurai (stainless steel) not shown $60.00

Replacement Parts

A. Plastic Handle $30.00

B. White Tips (includes one small tip and one large tip) $3.00

C. Screws (pair) $4.50

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